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Weekend & 5 day Workshops
                              in BLACKPOOL
AMAZON Books and other crafty things

Traditional and
 modern subjects

"I would just like to say how much I enjoyed my week with you in Blackpool. I enjoy crafting but really only came so that Mo could come, but I really enjoyed every minute. The company was great, the hotel was good, the food was amazing and all the wonderful things you both must have worked very hard to show us were inspiring and fun to make.
Thank you both for a great week
Cynthia x

"What a wonderful weekend you gave me. I never dreamed there would be people as (it's hard to describe) GREAT as you two. You are everything that epitomises the true dedicated crafter, the really GENUINE GENIES (I have just created a brilliant name for you both haven't I?) and I assure you I will return!!! your ever greatful and dedicated follower"   Margaret


"Thank you for a lovely weekend crafting in Blackpool, I was so proud of things I made
I didn't think I could make such beautiful things".
Love from Hannah Webster

If anyone is interested in having a "NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN" Crafting workshop weekend. Go no further than" Crafters Retreat They are the TOPS, for inspiration, experience and knowledge about crafting. Not only are they capable of the most intricate styles but they are truly the most friendly, helpful, and so easy to talk to couple I have had the pleasure of meeting.
We have asked to be included in another weekend workshop, we are booking up ASAP ( in case all the places are taken) because when word gets around............


Paper Folding
Paper Folding

 Iris Folding
 Tea Bag

        3D Decoupage
3D Card Making
Special Occasion Cards
Box Making
3D Card Making

Lots of different designs
covered in this subject
from the simple to the
more complex
Box Making

Try your hand at making a gift box  or a box for your card
Occasion Cards

Birthday, Engagement
Wedding,  New Baby
and more..........
Parchment Craft
Hobby Dots
Parchment Craft

A very extensive craft involving many
different techniques
Hobby Dots

A technique that's quite new to the crafting world
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